I'm George Garza


       I was born in San Antonio and raised on the southeast side for the majority of my life. I graduated from East Central High School. While in high school I took advantage of the athletics and scholastic clubs. After high school, I enlisted in the Marine Corps. There I served four years as an infantryman with 1/1 Bravo company. I served in multiple billets and learned a great deal about working together to overcome adverse situations. 

      When my time in the Marine Corps came to an end I returned to San Antonio and began working in the oil and gas industry. I worked in a cement bulk plant than on a drilling rig as a floor hand.  I continued to learn from those that I worked with. Working with my hands has always been a rewarding experience for me, but my time there showed me that education was also important.

       I decided to enroll at the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) there I used my GI Bill. While my time at UIW was not linear, it was still enjoyable. I took a break after two years of enrollment to attend Alamo City Barber College. Trades are something that I have found to be important.

      My father was a truck driver for years. After the company he worked for moved out of town he took up HVAC and changed careers and continued his education at TEEKS. With that act, he was able to show me more than he takes credit for. I follow his example by learning new trade skills, my family has been present in most trade fields.

      During my time in barber school, I was able to challenge myself in learning more classical aspects of the art. I would also talk with clients about a wide array of topics and began to see that we are all connected in some way or another. Before completing my hours in barber school my wife and I were blessed 10 weeks early with the arrival of our daughter.

      I returned to barber school to complete my hours to become a Texas Class A Barber and passing both the written and practical exams that so many other barbers go through. While I was finishing up my hours in barber school and several late-night conversations with my wife we decided that going back to UIW was the best route for our future.

      The return to school wasn't without its challenges.  The fall semester was just underway when my wife gave birth again to our second daughter. I was back in class the following meeting day. I completed the rest of my degree within a year, by not taking any breaks other than those that were worked into the semesters. Some days I would have no choice but to take one of our 4 children to class with me. In the end, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Incarnate Word!

       I decided two years ago to jump into the world of politics because I saw 50/50 parenting bills were being shut down at the state level.  I share custody with my ex-wife with my oldest daughter. I feel that the standard 30/70 split isn’t adequate for parents to co-parent and be fair to the child.       As I learned more of bills that were or were not being passed it led to me questioning more of our government besides parental custody arrangements.

       I saw the same funds being thrown at broken school systems still producing little to no improvements, property tax "reforms" that still made the working-class stress and struggle, small businesses having to jump over huge obstacles just to have a tiny piece of the market.  Increased crime and fewer outlets for the youth.  Seeing firsthand, our elders and veterans being neglected and overlooked. I began to question and pick apart everything.

       Since throwing my hat in the ring, I have had the opportunity to meet many of my constituents and learn new stories both hope and despair.  Each story was a driving force that helped to further ignite the flame within me.  It also helped me to realize the flame that is still lit within everyone in 119, we would like certain things to remain the same, but we also would like to strive even further.


Forward and Onward!