What I Stand For

50/50 Parenting


We all know that some relationships do not last.  In incidences where both parents would like to remain in their child's life, I believe that 50/50 parenting should be the standard rather than the current 30/70.

Adequate Senior Care 

We need to go back to when our elders were held to the highest esteem. Resources need to be readily available for all. Nursing homes need to be better regulated to ensure that optimum care and services are provided.

Smart Marijuana Legislation

With the economic downfall, we have experienced because of COVID-19 we need to find a way to generate new sources of revenue.  I believe legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use would be the greatest source.  I believe that Texas farmers and businesses should be able to capitalize first before any other outside entities.  Not only would the economic benefits be rewarding but the medical benefits could also help to curb the dependency on many legal and non-legal drugs that help to destroy our families and society.

Education Reform

I believe that money does not solve all problems as well as adequate action.  School districts need to be held accountable and all resources must be used in the ways in which they were intended.

Property Tax Reform

The focus needs to be on appraisal values rather than the actual property tax rates.